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Turnout Gear is not manufactured to be totally indestructible. As with most things it takes great care to maintain. At Turnout Gear Wash we have a full understanding of all the processes required to service, inspect and maintain the fire protective integrity of turnout gear. It is the goal of our company to keep firefighters turnout gear performing at its full potential

Because firefighters experience many dangerous and life-threatening situations, Turnout Gear Wash ensures that all turnout gear is maintained in accordance with National Fire Protection Agency safety standards.

Turnout gear is washed, dried, tracked and return shipped in a 72 hour timeframe. Alterations and repairs carried out by Turnout Gear Wash may take longer, however we guarantee that all turnout gear garments   will be ready and shipped within two weeks. Our online database tracks turnout gear online, and provides records to the firefighter which includes wash, inspection and repair history.

Turnout Gear Wash is an NFPA 1851 certified third party and an Independent Service Provider. We know the unique care needed to maintain turnout gear and follow leading manufacturer specifications. This keeps out operations compliant with the guidelines of the National Fire Protection Agency.

Turnout Gear Wash provides the following services:

  • Advanced Cleaning
  • Specialized Cleaning
  • Advanced Inspection
  • Complete Liner Inspection
  • Basic Repairs
  • Advanced Repairs
  • Retrofits, Alterations, and Customization
  • Emergency Response
  • Temporary Replacement Gear
  • Rental Gear